Tuesday, September 18, 2012

woodland fall wreath {tutorial}

Woodland Inspired Fall Wreath 

If you're anything like me you are getting all your Fall decorations up. I have been working over the past two weeks figuring out where to place all my decorations because it's our first Fall season in the new house. I loved my Fall wreath at the old house but it has since found a new place indoors because we have double front doors. I wanted wreaths that could go through the entire season and stay up for Brayden's birthday party which is also woodland themed. I settled on a design using fragile moss and grapevine wreaths that I found at Michael's. The only problem I had was the price so after about five trips to Michael's to take advantage of the 50% off coupon I had all the necessary items to make my wreaths. 

Here's what you need for one wreath:

1 - moss & grapevine wreath 
($14.99 + 50% off coupon)
2 - Fall inspired sprigs
 ($1.99 each + 40% + an additional 15% off coupon) 
1 - Woodland mushroom sprig 
($3.99 + 50% off coupon) 
hot glue

You will want to work on a clean surface. This is a messy project because of the wreath and burlap threads. Take one of the fall sprigs and nestle it just about eight o'clock, you might need to bend or trim the stick. Next take the second sprig and nestle it right below the first. 

You will next take the mushroom sprig and gently nestle it into the wreath. I cut about two inches off of the stick. On my first wreath the cap of the mushroom fell and on the second the stick came out, if this happens just simple place some hot glue on the area. 

Find a piece of card stock and cut a small triangle. This will be your guide for your mini pennant banner. 

Place the paper triangle onto your burlap, lining them up right against one another. Cut out your triangles. I used four triangles. I originally was going to write FALL on the triangles but opted for simplicity. 

Next take your twine and line up your triangles. Simply place a line of hot glue on the twine and gently place the burlap triangle onto the twine. Repeat with remaining triangles. Leave enough twine at the ends to tie off and for some slack. 

Next take your burlap. Burlap is fairly easy to cut. About two inches in width find a string in the burlap and cut it. Loosen that string and begin to pull towards you. 

Pull the string until it comes completely out from the piece of burlap. 

You will now see a straight cut guide. 

Take your scissors and cut along the guide line. 

 For your pennant you will want to tie onto a twig that is sturdy. I tied mine at 11 and 2 o'clock. 

Wrap your long piece of burlap around the wreath tying a knot at the top and then tying another at the top so you can hang it on a hook disguising the hook. I tied mine at the top twice and cut the ends on an angle.

Hang on your door and admire all season long with a yummy pumpkin spice latte in hand!  

*Note - At select Michael's stores they are carrying this wreath and matching owls, squirrels, mushrooms and birds. I had purchased an owl to place at 4 o'clock but it looked too busy. Mix and match and have fun with it! 

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