Tuesday, April 3, 2012

easy spring burlap wreath {diy tutorial}

last week when we went to my sisters house for my nieces birthday party we were greeted with this gorgeous wreath. the first thing i said to her was that she had to make me one. since i knew we were heading back to her house the following saturday for my nieces actual birthday we arranged to make it then. my sister found the tutorial via pinterest from top this top that

isn't it purrty? this is my sisters, let's see how we made mine. 

 you are going to need:

- a wire wreath (any size can work, we used a 12") $2.99 
- a roll of 4" burlap, roughly 10 yards $8.99 
- scissors 
- flower bunches $1.99 each (she bought two which was enough for both of ours)
- carrots (pier 1) $4.95 on sale for $4
- moss bunny (pier 1) $2.95 on sale for $2  

tip: use a craft store coupon to get the burlap & wire wreath for less. 

take your wreath and place it on a clean and clutter free work space.

start at the top of burlap and use the hook to secure the burlap.

loop the burlap through the top, middle and bottom opening.

keep looping. it doesn't have to be perfect, you will fluff it at the end.

eat a cupcake while your sisters works away. . .can you tell i am the older sibling? ;)

fluff and even the burlap out.

take your moss bunny and wrap the stick around the wire wreath. fluff the burlap so you don't see the wooden stick. take two sprigs of flowers and insert into the burlap holes.

secure the flowers with the piece of jute that wrapped the roll of burlap.

next, untie the piece of jute that comes on the carrots. tie the jute securely behind the wreath. stick the last two sprigs of flowers behind the carrots.

voila! you now have a pretty spring wreath. since the spring embellishments are just tied on you could easily replace these each season.

another cute use for the pier 1 moss bunny: you could add one of these to a bouquet to bring to easter brunch, or to a loved one or to decorate your table. plus, pier 1 is having 20% off easter and there is a $10 off $50 coupon. 

if you make this i would love to see yours! 


Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh... that is the CUTEST Easter/spring wreath! That's going on my list of crafts! "pin"ing this now :)

Cajun Cowgirl said...

That just might be my favorite "Spring" wreath I've seen! You did a great job!

I'm one of your newer followers and can't wait to read more!

Holly said...

I love, love, love this!

The carrots are too cute!

Janelle said...

that wreath is my goal for next spring

Janelle said...

super cute wreath! love it! i also love your sisters hair cut. i took a photo of it. haha!

Amira said...

Oh my gosh, that is so stinkin cute!!!!! I love burlap :-)

Daisy said...

This is super adorable! You have such a great blog :)

Lisa said...

I love it!!! I wish I felt confident that I could make one just as amazing as that one.

wenbin wang said...
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