Tuesday, February 14, 2012

surprise deliveries from cupid

my little sidekick and i set out yesterday morning to make sweet treats for her friends, cousins and grandparents. this year was a lot more fun and i didn't feel like i was making her valentines for her. i gave her choices, she chose and then she helped prepare everything. when deciding on her cards she wanted the pirates, can't say i disagree, i think it's fun and she loved saying "arrrr". that was going to be it but then on a whim i went to target to pick-up some pretzels so we made some chocoatley treats, then when those were finished i asked her what else and she said cake. so we whipped up some mini brownies. brayden was finally napping so we just kept going. by the time we were done it was 12:30 so we took a lunch break and then a nap. it was the perfect morning. i love that she can converse, help out and honestly she is already a perfectionist.  while she napped i packaged up everything and then this morning at 4 am we had to drop daddy off at the airport, he is gone on a business trip for the fourth year in a row. on our way home we dropped off cupid's treat bags for her friends. this was so much fun, i just pray no rain, animals or ants get to the bags before the sun rises. 

 pretzel kisses
you'll need:

 hershey kisses

here's how:
1. place pretzels on silpat or parchment paper on a baking sheet. 
2. place one kiss on each pretzel. 

3. put the tray in the oven and bake at 275 for 6 minutes. if you decide to use regular hershey kisses they will melt faster. i used hugs and caramel kisses, they don't squish down like the originals. 

4. payton unwrapped the caramel kisses for the second batch while the hugs were in the oven. 

5. remove from the oven and gently place an m&m into the warm chocolate. 

6. let cool on baking sheet until chocolate has re-set again. 

7. reward your helper by allowing them to eat the first one. 

after the pretzel kisses were all finished she put the few valentines we were mailing into her purse. to those receiving these, sorry they are crumpled. she didn't have the patience to place them in with ease.

all the goodies spread out ready for assembly.

pirate graphic was found via mer mag

i took candy bags i had leftover from my friends baby shower, placed all the goodies in and closed them up with one staple. the letters are scrapbook letters i used to differetiate for delivery.

that's it. i hope that all the ones on cupid's list loved their surprise treat!

happy lovey dovey day to all my readers!

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Jinger said...

Such cute vday gifts, sounds like the prrrfct day in the kitchen...love you all

Janelle said...

you guys are the best. charlie (and mommy) loved his pretty treat bag. xo

Lisa said...

Great idea! Love the pirate Valentine's. ^_^. Pretzels/Kisses look soooooo yummy!

Danielle said...

How adorable! I'm sure Payton had a blast helping you.