Monday, January 30, 2012

you bedazzled your key?

well, that's what my hubby said and then laughed at me when i showed him my new sparkly house key. i can never find my house key amidst the other four or five, i don't even know what one of them goes to. i have two house keys because while we were out of our house one of the contractors busted our top lock so we had to replace our front door lock system making it different than our back door and side garage door. so, my new sparkly key matches perfectly with my other sd chargers house key my mom had made. it's funny that my key to parents house is a pink jeweled princess key. ha ha. i also have my old la fitness barcode scanner on there, don't know why i haven't taken it off after a year of being with 24-hour fitness. i also have my good 'ole albertsons reward card and my coach key chain which i bought like six or seven years ago. it always housed a japanese coin hubby brought back from japan to bring me good luck. it fell out last year. maybe that's why our 2011 was so rocky? who knows. i should probably part with it or wash it. ha!

here's what i did:

you're going to need some: modge podge, a paint brush, glitter (i love the martha stewart fine pretty colored glitters but this .99 cent tube fit my budget), clear nail polish and a key.

take your brush and dip it into the modge podge and put a good coat on one side of your key.

dump glitter onto the glued key.

 shake off the excess. let dry for a few minutes and repeat with the backside.

it already looks so puurrrty.

once both side are glittered up take your clear nail polish and paint a few coats onto each side to ensure the glitter won't come off.

let the key dry and place it back onto your key ring. i have to say i do love my sparkly key. it also makes it easy to find the key in the dark because i can now feel which key is my house key and it sparkles with the light of the moon.

 dude. why does my thumb looks so fat!?


Amira said...

Okay, how cute is this?! Question, does the nail polish do the trick? Or are you finding glitter all over your purse and/or hands?

Suzanne said...

Remind me to make fun of your husband for using the word bedazzle. LOL!
I agree with Amira's question...I was really wondering if the clear polish was actually going to work.

Melissa said...

Yes! the nail polish did hold the glitter, even when putting the key back on the ring only a few specks fell off. I think the finer glitter would work better but the MS sets are $14.99 and I wasn't feeling it that day. I think it's cute. and Yes! Suz you have to make fun of him. I didn't even know that word was in his vocabulary.

Mrs in Training said...

I saw a picture of this on Pinterest, and it is on my "must do" list - so fun!

Lisa said...

First off, that is a great idea! It can be so expensive to get the keys done with a favorite sports team or Disney character. >_<

And secondly, no, your thumb is not fat, silly!

Katie said...

Loving this! So cute, I can wait to do mine! Thanks for sharing :)

Janelle said...

love this idea & i think i can actually do this! and your thumb doesn't look fat. hahahaa

Janelle said...

ummm.....i love this. im doing it soon. and im not even a glitter person!